Are you a beginner or do you still feel like a beginner with your guitar playing?

Enjoy Confidence & Competence

When You Play Guitar 


  • A Professional Instructor who actually takes regular training on how to teach guitar.
  • A learning environment that is comfortable, friendly and inspiring.
  • A highly organized, structured lesson program.
  • Learn to play your favourite songs.
  • Learn chords, strum patterns, scales, licks, techniques
  • Learn how to apply musical theory when you play.
  • Develop the skills you need to learn music on your own.
  • An instructor who tracks and measures your progress giving you motivation and a clear view of the road ahead
  • Receive detailed instruction on how to practice
  • Learn material in the correct order so you are always building on you foundation of knowledge and skills
  • Development of your creativity with songwriting, composition and improvisation.
  • A solid plan for you success in reaching your musical goals. 

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​​Your Top Choice For Guitar Lessons In Toronto

"I came here and from day one with Rob, I learned the music that I enjoy playing. I’ve been progressing a lot quicker than I thought I would and I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and look forward to coming back each week."

Bruce L.

Take the next step with confidence, knowing that you will be taught, trained and coached by the only guitar teacher in Toronto who is an active member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Tom Hess' EGTIC is a world class educational program and professional association for guitar teachers who are committed to delivering top notch results for their students.

Toronto Guitar Teacher, Guitar Instruction Toronto

Do you feel the need to be engaged with a motivating lesson environment where you can thoroughly enjoy the learning process?

1. Master the basics so that you can play guitar with ease and confidence.

2. Discover and implement the best learning tricks and guitar practice tips so that you can achieve fast, effective results.

3. Play music that you love so that you can build your confidence to much higher levels.

4. Become a skilled problem solver so that you can overcome any guitar playing challenge.

5. Follow a guitar lesson strategy that truly enables you to become the guitar player you want to be. 

Have you been playing for years or even decades and still find yourself frustrated that you can’t play the way you want to play? 

Imagine when you start to play people want to stay and watch

Picture starting up a song and everybody jumping in to sing along.

Visualize busting out a groove and everybody on their feet and dancing.

Hear the sounds of applause, and hootin' and hollerin' when you hit the last note.

Does this sound crazy? Too good to be true? Out of reach? It’s not. All this is VERY possible.   

With YOUR desire, and the best guitar lessons in Toronto, you will be amazed what you can achieve.

"Rob makes the lessons fun but sets a high standard and doesn’t let me get away with anything!  I had forgotten how much I enjoy playing music and I look forward to the lessons each week."

Stacey C.

Toronto Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons Toronto

5 Benefits Of Studying At Toronto Guitar Lessons 

" Taking lessons with Rob really gave me the motivation to pick it up regularly, get on the path of improvement and to really start to enjoy playing."

Steve S.

Being a beginner guitarist can be very humbling, confusing, and frustrating. But there is good news, it doesn’t have to be this and it really shouldn’t be. Other than sore fingertips for the first week or two, you really should be having a blast!

If you’ve been playing guitar for some time and found that you've “plateaued” with your skills, it can be intimidating or overwhelming trying to figure out how to get yourself to the next level. But the right guitar teacher can see that you put these feelings behind and smile with satisfaction at your new musical growth.

And if you find yourself feeling unmotivated trying learn on your own at home, then you are definitely not alone.  Taking guitar lessons should be one of the best parts of your week.  And the new skills you take home and/or out into the world should give you inspiration to burn.  

 Here Is A More Detailed List Of What You Will Get

At Toronto Guitar Lessons: