"Rob can identify when you’re struggling and switch it up  to make it an enjoyable lesson, even if you feel you’re not playing well at the time, and you just want to keep playing when you get home. I feel that my ability to work the instrument has increased significantly thanks to Rob’s lessons."

Mark S.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons Toronto, Acoustic Guitar Teacher Toronto

"I came here and from day one with Rob, I learned the music that I enjoy playing. I’ve been progressing a lot quicker than I thought I would and I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and look forward to coming back each week."

Bruce L.

"Almost two years into lessons with Rob I’m playing full songs and solos that sound like the real thing and it’s awesome!"

Jason L.

What My Students Have To Say

"My confidence is growing a lot with my playing ability.  I'm having a great time taking lessons, and if you want to learn fast and have a fun time doing it, I would definitely recommend Rob as a teacher."

Ian T.

Toronto Guitar Tutor, Toronto Guitar Instructor

"Taking guitar lessons with Rob is the perfect break during a busy week. I get to relax, have fun and spend time improving my guitar skills and playing music that I love. Rob makes all this happen!"

Andrea D.

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Guitar Lessons East York, East York Guitar Teacher
Guitar Lessons Toronto Downtown, Acoustic Guitar Lessons Toronto

" We cover a wide variety of stuff but all within the range of my skill level, my comfort level, but at the same time always progressing from one lesson to the next."

Paul B.

"A couple of my friends started to play guitar before me and I decided to pick it up to join them, and now we have so much fun. And now we’ve brought Rob in as a coach for the whole team. The great thing is how Rob can work with someone who is a pretty good player at the same time as someone else who is just starting out, so everybody gets involved."

David F.

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Guitar Lessons Scarborough, Scarborough Guitar Teacher

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"Rob is a gifted and intuitive teacher. He is understanding, kind, generous with his time and praise, and extremely professional. After the first few lessons you can see that he has created a plan for your success that is based an understanding of your individual needs, skills that you may have brought with you, any musical background, previous instrumental experience, and he has used all of that information to craft a journey for you that is both challenging and ultimately fun!"

Cathy M.

"When I started lessons with Rob about a year ago I was a beginner, and over the past year or so I've been quite surprised and pleased with the amount of progress that I’ve made. The lessons are fun, energizing and I leave the class eager to get home and practice some more."

Keith R.

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"I’ve been coming to lessons with Rob for a year now. When I think of where I was a year ago and where I am now, the difference is indescribable and it’s been a real pleasure and a real joy to work with Rob and I recommend him to anyone who is considering taking guitar lessons."

Alex R.

Toronto Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons Toronto

"Since taking lessons with Rob I feel like my confidence has really gone up in terms of playing a more sophisticated kind of music, making better musical decisions, adding more interesting parts to compliment what everybody else is doing. "

Rob M.

"Learning to play the guitar is a retirement project for me having Rob as a teacher is actually making it happen."  

David R.

"I've been taking lessons with Rob for almost six years now.  When we started I didn't even know how to hold this thing, I didn't know how to hold a pick, I didn't know anything but now I'm playing this thing better than I ever thought I could. Rob's made it really easy for me to play, really easy for me to practice and it's probably the best thing I've done in the last six years."

Michael A. 

"I’ve been taking lessons from Rob for a couple of years now, and it’s one of the highlights of my week. I feel good about the advancements that I’ve made musically. Playing songs that I enjoy, writing music, and playing slide guitar."

Terry T.

" Taking lessons with Rob really gave me the motivation to pick it up regularly, get on the path of improvement and to really start to enjoy playing."

Steve S.

​​Your Top Choice For Guitar Lessons In Toronto

"A great thing about Rob is that he asks what kind of songs you like, so very often you're playing a song that you love and that matches your ability which is something I really enjoy. "

Dave P.

"What I really enjoy about working with Rob is we work on guitar through working on songs, and Rob’s really good at identifying what the actual difficulty is and breaking that down into an exercise that helps to reinforce the technique needed for that.  And what I like is it improves not only how I play that song, it improves how I play everything else as well."

Rick I.

"I come for lessons twice a week, everytime I go home I feel that I’ve accomplished something. My playing has gotten better overall, my sense of discipline has gotten better and it’s been a really tremendously rewarding experience."

Adam W.

"I've been taking lessons with Rob for about three years now. I feel I’ve really improved a lot with singing and playing together at the same time, as well as being more relaxed when I play. I used to carry a great deal of tension in my  shoulders and wrists when I played and I’ve made an enormous amount of improvement in that area." 

Suzi S.

"I’ve been taking Rob’s guitar lessons for two years now. Rob teaches using progressive techniques while having fun. I highly recommend Rob as a guitar teacher, as you will find a fun and great way to learn how to play the guitar.  With Rob's lessons I now enjoy playing without the frustration I experienced on my own.  I can hear an improved sound quality and my repertoire has grown to the level where I really look forward to performing in the student recitals."  

Mike E.